Suzi (18 Apr 2011)
"To Ted: Whoa! So much stuff!!"

You have hit on some of the same dates I have. Some of my calculations came before I was a Christian, others just recently. I too believed that the offspring of Diana & Charles would 'come to power' or something major in 2011. I tossed that out when I became a Christian (I thought back then that Charles would be gone, and Diana would 'rule' in the stead of an underage child) when she died, I just figured it was Satan playing games with me and my 'calculations'. Then, to read so many different beliefs that Prince William will be a 'player' in this End Times

Now, I followed your line of thought through most of what you wrote, and I most definitely believe that the 'infomercial' of Oct. 29, 2008 'meant something big'.

But, I am confused as to when you talk about THREE in this 'unholy trinity'. Who is the 3rd?

thanks so much for putting all that out there so concisely.