Suzi (16 Apr 2011)
"To Curt re: 'night terrors'"

I agree 100%! For those who still have these episodes, look into it.

I've posted on here before about sleep paralysis aka night terrors.

I don't like giving Satan 'credit' for a natural I'd look into this if anyone experiences it.

Just so it's clear, these things can happen when we are stressed, our sleep patterns are disrupted, or when there is seismic activity going on! With all the things we are witnessing/experiencing, I'm sure more and more people will be having these 'attacks'.

Once you realize it is a natural event, and take Satan out of the equation, you can get through them easier. They are still terrifying as they occur, but at least, when you are awake, you can be confident in knowing that it's just your brain waves/activity going a little wonky, and NOT some evil waiting to pounce on you. If your house is under the protection of the Lord, the enemy has no power there.

Please look it up online, 'night terrors' or 'sleep paralysis'.