Suzi (16 Apr 2011)
"To Fay re: Glenn Beck"

With all due respect to those who have a fondness for Glenn...

I totally agree with you Fay. Glenn has succeeded in driving a wedge through many Christian communities. Yes, he 'does good works' by pointing out things in the world, politics and the like...but that is what his religion tells him he must do to 'get to heaven'.

The Mormon Church has not denounced him...think about that. IF he were truly 'turning his back on' the LDS church and beliefs, being a public figure, he'd be publicly DENOUNCED by them. The fact is, they gave him the nod, especially after the big show he put on in Washington.

He is a very dangerous man. At first I too thought he was a 'real Christian'...but then I started educating myself on the ways of the LDS church, and yes, they have no problem 'lying for their lord' as it were. That is so scary when you think of it.

I don't care how much 'good' he's done, his sole objective is to promote the 'End Times' as THEIR scriptures paint them. I do not have the time, education nor desire to take the things he says and winnow through to find the truth from the lies. The fact that he has been deceitful on many topics is enough for me to just toss out anything he says or does. He has lost all credibility with me.

Anyone who thinks that he has or can separate his 'faith' from his actions is mistaken. It's all part and parcel of what his church tells him to do. Again, it's all based on LIES. They worship a 'god' who was a man on another planet, who had physical sex with Mary to conceive a child, Jesus..who btw is the BROTHER of SATAN? *sheesh* He also is promised, if he jumps through all their hoops correctly, that some day he'll have his own planet with many spirit wives!! How is this different than the 72 virgins that our Islamic enemies get? It's a cult, it is anti-Christian. HE believes it.

No man should be followed. None. He scares me because he does sucker in too many Christians. The only man to follow is JESUS. Not the LDS 'jesus'...but the One True Jesus...the God of the Bible. Creator of the Universe (not just another man who was the leader of his own planet). And yes, they did take most of their pomp and ceremony from the Freemasons....known to be anti-Christian also.

Please, everyone think about it. Even satan can appear as an Angel of Light if it suits his purpose. Don't think for a minute that a personable tv personality who appears to be on 'our side' cannot be doing 'his' work.

Sorry to offend anyone, but please, put your faith in God alone...not a mere man who follows a false god.