Suzi (15 Apr 2011)
"Thank you Leigh...prayers ongoing!"

The rift is still here for me....not sure how long it will last this time. I am stronger (mentally & physically) this time, and possibly spiritually as well. I am more aware of the truth of things and I've been praying for strength and wisdom in all this.

I don't know if we are going home on the 21st or not. I have told here before that when I was into Wicca, I'd come to the year 2011 as the year 'something big' was going to happen that would shake up the Universe. When I first started seeking End Times prophesy, I remember coming to April 2011...but was discouraged by some folks who said I was a year off...that it was really 2012.

Who knows? Only God. I wanted grandkids. I wanted to see all my kids experience the joy of parenthood...but lately, I've just been feeling that it's never going to happen. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

God Bless you all! And know that even though I might not address each prayer request posted, I always send up a prayer.