Suzi (15 Apr 2011)
"to Nicole"

Thanks for your letter. I can't say I disagree with your son...and I do believe that kids can hear God's voice better than most adults. I think we 'unlearn' the things that they have, like animals, a real honest communication with Him. We become 'worldly'. And yes, some of us go through dark times and do things that keep us from having that relationship (to the delight of the enemy). But Praise Him that we can come to the Lord and become the people He wants us to be. The people we were meant to be. I don't believe God puts us through the dark times, but he shows us, helps us see, that those dark times were a learning/growing experience. At least that's how it's been for me. I'm still having to deal with my early years as a Christian, since the coincided with my years as a new mom. I wonder if any kid can truly say they weren't negatively affected by something their mom's did or didn't do.

*on that note, let me ask for prayer for an ongoing family's chronic, in that it surfaces every few months or so...and time is so short*

About the petting zoo, yes, we have had some fun stuff, the kids got to live in the country and 'play in the dirt' (like I did as a child), and they learned to take care of these creatures that were dependent on them for the basics of food, water & shelter. I'd love to get a couple of chickens now...but I'm not really able to do much outside, and I know that I could never lift a 50lbs sack of feed like I used to! If we are still around after I have my next neck surgery, I am seriously gonna have my daughter build me a hen house! lol.

I just wrote in another letter how the 'snatched away' theme, taken out of a dangerous or hostile situation is also in keeping with the 'birth' scenario. I had 16 hrs. of labor with my son, never got past 5 cen., so I had to have an emergency c-section. Each girl's birth was scheduled...which is so nice, to know the exact date and time! But I remember the sensation (as I was numb from the waist down) of them pulling my youngest out of me. She was literally 'snatched up and away'...which makes sense, because once they cut into the safety and security of her 'home', she needed to be gotten out of there quickly. Just as an extended labor is unsafe for both mother and child, there comes a time when the one in charge (the GYN/God) will have to say 'enough', and swoop in for the rescue!

We see the signs and know it's coming...just gotta hold on and 'keep pushing'...hehe.