Suzi (15 Apr 2011)
"To Spoley re: 10cm"


I mean, really, wow. Each pain, getting closer together as the body is made

We are ready to PUSH!!

Funny thing though, I had labor for 16 hours with my first and then had an emergency C-section. The girls were scheduled C's, so I never had labor with them. I distinctly remember, especially with my last one, the feeling (I was numbed by could still feel some sensation, although not pain), of the pulling, and the sound of them lifting Jessi out of me! Imagine if you got your foot stuck in mud up to your ankle and the sound it makes when you pull it out. I don't know if that was a real sound, but I felt the strange sensation.

So, basically, I see the Body of Christ, going through the labor, getting closer and closer to 'go time'...but suddenly, right before the big 'push'...we are 'snatched away'...just like they did with my girls, pulled them right out of a place that had become (due to the invasion of man) an unsafe place. lol. I love it.

How can people not see this?

Again, WOW!