Suzi (13 Apr 2011)
"To Myra re: Beck & Trump vs Truth"

I agree, everyone at FOX News has been towing the line on the 'birth certificate' issue. O'Reilly says they researched it (ie: looked at the online image of the Certification of Live Birth). It's very plain to see that Beck is NOT all about 'finding the truth' if it comes to this issue. Anyone with half a brain can see that BHO is hiding something! It's not just the BC, it's all his records! Trump has brought all that up, and yep, he's getting belittled, mocked, the works from those who should be saying, at least, 'well, good for him for wanting to get to the bottom of this'.

Sarah Palin did just that.

What happened to the fact that a judge says they DID 'look into the issue' and found that the results 'could prove embarrassing' to BHO. huh? If that is not a huge red flag, I don't know what is!

He's hiding something, and I love that someone like Donald Trump who has the resources to do it, is willing to dig!