Suzi (12 Apr 2011)
"To Inasmuch re: earthquakes/feelings "

Oh my, reading your reply (all the science stuff) made me feel like my son was explaining things to me all over again! lol.

I've mentioned here before that I realized I was 'feeling' the 'quakes' when there was no obvious physical movement happening. It wasn't until we found the 'recent earthquakes' site, which gives 'real time' notifications of activity that we were able to 'test' our feelings. My son and youngest daughter seem to be sensitive to these 'waves'. Unfortunately, I have a system that is overly sensitive to everything, so, most the time I can't tell what is making me feel 'ickky'. I've wondered if I were to go to some place in the middle of an 'empty spot' (no earthquakes around), if I'd feel better overall. For me, it's a combo of motion sickness, dizziness, weakness, slight headache...basically the same things I feel when my hormones are wonky, my blood sugar drops, or my blood pressure drops. With the damage in my cervical spine (looking at surgery #4, this time C3), I have headaches all the time. The tension in my neck can also effect my ears, making me have that feeling one does with an inner ear infection. So, yeah, I'm actually TOO sensitive to pin point anything. The only way I can 'confirm' is if I do what my daughter has done...she put an app on her iphone to the 'real time' earthquakes in CA & NV site. She actually calls it the 'earthquake game'. If she feels 'funny', she'll check...we've both gotten to where we will check the time so we can look it up. Since we have activity all around us (we are in the middle of the middle of the State), it's no wonder we both have a feeling of 'unwellness' at all times. :(

I keep getting the feeling that we (in our area) are 'due' for a big one. Not from physical things, just looking at the's been about 5-6 years since we felt one locally. It was back in the late '70s early '80s that there was a good sized one in Coalinga that rocked us quite a bit. Just's gonna happen soon or later.

Thanks for the info, my son has told it all to me, and I have to laugh at how easy he understands it all...I just smile and nod and think how proud I am that he's so smart! :)