Suzi (12 Apr 2011)
"To Bill B re: 'feeling' earthquakes & such"

Animal behavior before and during earthquakes is well known. In fact, awhile back my daughter noted how many dead animals were along the road during her 23 mile drive to school. She also had seen some in the opposite direction going to another town. Her friend even commented that he's seen more dead animals hit on the roads in the past few days than ever...and yep, right on cue, EARTHQUAKE.

I think that our brains were created/wired so that we were able to 'commune with God'. Adam was able to walk and talk with God in the Garden. As far as I know, when 'mankind' 'lost the Garden', God did not change the physical make up of Adam & Eve...he just 'cut off' somehow that part of them that was able to 'commune'.

I understood this well when I first came to Christ, after years in the occult. I knew that we've got alot of 'unknowns' in our physical/mental/spiritual lives. (hence the world 'occult': hidden or forbidden knowledge)...I believe that the ability to 'hear God' is still very much a part of our 'brain/wiring'. I think the reason we do not use all our brain is because that was part of how God and Adam communicated. But I also think that it is that part of our brains, just like the way animals 'just know' how to build their homes, groom, and do other instinctual things...God tells them & they listen and obey.

Since an earthquake is a physical, scientific event, where much 'energy' is created/released, it is going to effect people/animals/things around the area. For me, I actually have 'felt/sensed' them from very far, just as the larger quakes have changed the whole planet's axis and such, I think it 'touches' something inside my head. It's not some psychic's just the way we are wired. Of course, it as that 'wiring' that Satan tapped into to 'whisper in my ear' that I was 'special' and what led me down a path to the occult and paganism. He will always use what God has created for his own ends. Luckily, I had many people praying for me, and met my husband who introduced me to the Lord and it all made perfect sense.