Suzi (12 Apr 2011)
"Re: Kurt S. & Twinkling of an eye/fast rapture"

The change our bodies will undergo is in 'the twinkling of an eye' is instantaneous (my son told me the measurement of what that is, but I can't remember). But, as for the 'taking' we just know we are 'snatched away', 'taken'.

You mentioned the scenario of cars careening out of control, planes falling, surgeries disrupted as if that could not happen....yet we are told that people WILL be 'about their business' and one will be taken while the other is not.

Matthew and Luke mention this, "two in a field" for example. So, they are working side by side and one is 'taken'. Even if it is a 'seen' event, wouldn't it still be rather odd and potentially disastrous for someone to be suddenly 'taken' and the tools, vehicles whatever suddenly be left 'unattended'? If two are in a field working, wouldn't the tractor or machine they were working with suddenly be without a driver? We are also told that two will be sleeping side by side, and one will be taken, one left. In other words, people WILL be doing what they are normally doing, then, in the 'twinkling of an eye' changed...then, some time after that 'change', they will be taken. We are not told how long is in between, but no matter how quick, it is obvious that people will about their normal routine when it happens. Weather we are seen floating up in a cloud, in a whirlwind, or on some sort of conveyance, it will be while in commission of acts of daily life/work/rest. For those left behind, there is bound to be some hysteria, confusion, fear, and for some, regret. I think the whole reason it is an unknown is so we are all READY at any given time. That way we are not taken, 'unaware'.