Susan Waigwa (28 Apr 2011)
"Chris (27 Apr 2011)"


Chris, you asked

Chris (27 Apr 2011)
"Trumpet blast"

Q&A Has any doves lately been hearing trumpet blast like in the morning.  Think the lord is preparing us for the rapture warning


Yes!!  I heard it a few weeks ago, just the first blast of the shofar, if you have ever listened to the sound of the shofar.  It was on the side of the bed my husband sleeps.  It was clear and I waited to hear if it would continue, because then that would mean, “we are going home now”, but it did not continue.  I was not asleep but was lying in bed and the night before I had asked the Lord if I will be leaving in the Rapture.  I sat up straight and stretched my ears to listen but nothing more came.  I jumped off the bed and run to the window to see if any cars were passing and hooting, but nothing.  The sound, I know was from inside our bedroom.  I was ecstatic.


Waiting, watching and praying


Susan Waigwa (South Africa)