Susan Waigwa (12 Apr 2011)
"I am raving mad"

Hamas threatens to send more rockets to Israel, if it reacts to the bombing of the school bus on the 7th, hellooooo!!!!

What’s up with this people?  Someone kills one of your sons, they you take a gun and go after them, then they call for ceasefire and also say that if you react because they killed your son, they will kill your wife and your other children, and you should do nothing!!!

How naïve is Hamas??  From which planet are these people?? Like the mouse that bites your toes and then blows air on the toe so you don’t know you are being eaten alive??  They fired the first shot, they should be ready for a retaliation, and not call for a ceasefire.  Ceasefire for what?  Who started it in the first place??  I hope Netanyahu can see this and not buy into the lies of these lunatic muslim Hamas guanos.

Pleaasseeee!!!! I feel like screaming.  God, help protect Israel from these mad men.



Susan Waigwa