Susan B (7 Apr 2011)
"To Rene  - from Susan"

To Rene  - from Susan       
Hi Rene
I am so glad you explained.  I certainly understand and approve of hating the "behaviour" but not the person/people.
They have blindly been brought up since they were mere babes to spew forth this hatred.  I give thanks to our Lord that I was raised in a Christian family.  Surely I have been so blessed.
My life from an outsider's perspective doesn't look good.  I have real financial difficulties and may have to move in with my aged Mother, my Husband divorced me when our now 21 year old daughter was 6 and as I have decided to remain celibate unless I were to remarry I have no "other half" to share life with, my sister is dying from terminal cancer and I lost my beloved Dad a couple of years ago.  My daughter has been raised Christian but at her age is exploring "things of the world" and I am continually praying for her salvation.
BUT - all this pales in comparison with my blessing in that I was born into a Christian family  - I was raised up with sound Scriptural teaching.
I cannot even imagine how hard it must be for a Muslim - steeped in those teachings like we have been but with Christ - to turn around and try to change.  It needs miracles and that is what we must pray for.
God's ways are not known to us though and I dare hope through his mercy, grace and compassion ALL will have the chance to repent and recognise our Lord and Saviour so that they can never say "we did not know about you".  Imagine one of us being persuaded to convert to Islam!! - that is what it would be like for them.  We would fight tooth and nail to hold fast and true to our Lord God.
This subject makes me sad but I pray - I pray that their eyes be opened and their hearts be made ready to receive the word from God.
All Doves - please join with me in praying for all God's lost children - I cannot even begin to imagine the existence of an eternal life separated from God......