Susan B (4 Apr 2011)
"An Ordinary Day"

Dear Doves,
Lately the words "on an ordinary day" have been resounding with me so I am questioning why all the significance is being put (by some) on dates that are particular to Jewish festivals/feasts etc.
When The Lord returns to snatch us away it will be (I would think) by far a majority of our grafted in branch of the Gentiles rather than the few Christian Jews.  Also it says "two men will be working in a field" etc - I am sure you all know these verses.  On significant Jewish holidays these would not be ordinary days where people are going about "business as usual".
So I cannot see the point in trying to point to any rapture date on a Jewish special day.
I simply believe it will be a very ordinary day - of course made EXTRAordinary by the Rapture.
I have no wish to start a debate but I just don't follow the thought patterns of those who point towards special Jewish dates.
Would anybody care to comment?  I would be interested if others share my view.  I also honestly believe that we may know that the day is very very close - but we will not know the exact day until it happens.  We are not to be ignorant of the signs around us but I believe we will be caught up to meet Jesus on a day when we may least expect it.
Come quickly Jesus - Your People long to be with You for now and forever,
Susan in Ozzie land.

Ps re: ordinary day
The other thing that has occurred to me is the actual day cannot be known as here in Australia its Monday. Other parts of the world still Sunday.
As it will happen simultaneously then of course we cannot know the day.
I am praying it is "at the door", however the reality is we cannot single out one date.