Susan Bentley (29 Apr 2011)
"Re US Tornadoes"

Re US Tornadoes

Dear doves
First let me say I hope and pray none of you have been affected. I'm in Australia a long way from this although we've recently had terrible tragedies also.
Isn't there something written in scripture about 'he is coming on the storms of the south'? Or was this spoken to someone here? Either way surely the birth pangs are drawing closer and closer. Here in south Australia where I live the weather has been very unusual with a return to summer all this week; today though a big change seems to be coming in.
Surely there have been more natural disasters over the past year than at any other time? And of course, with technology what it is we are immediately aware when something happens.
It seems these tornadoes affected many states; I'm praying for your safety for those that live in these areas.
I don't know about the rest of you but to me; the very air seems ripe and waiting...waiting. We know what for!!
I have a question also. Yesterday I prayed earnestly to the LORD asking if the time is indeed short; I asked for a sign. I was given in the next 15 minutes the number 24 three times. I've been puzzling and praying over this. Yesterday here was 28th April.
If anyone can shed some light on the number 24 I'd appreciate it.
Finally, my most beloved older sister, Christine is dying from terminal cancer and has much pain as it's now invaded her spine and sternum. She has been fighting for three years now and much much prayer has been asked for her healing. For God's reasons it hasn't happened. She, her husband and their grown up children are all true born again believers. I would ask simply that you pray for the terrible pain to be eased. She says she's had enough. She's been so strong and so courageous and this hurts terribly but I try not to question the 'why'.
Thankyou my dove family,
Susan in Aussie land