Susan B (28 Apr 2011)
"Re: R1000 and his post"

Re: R1000 and his post
Dear R1000
congratulations on a well put together post and I loved what you had to say.  I also just shake my head when people try to work out "how" things could have happened (eg' planetary alignments etc).  This is SO limiting God.  Our God is a God of AWE INSPIRING POWER.... he doesn't need scientific explanations.  If he chose - he could stop the world turning with a flick of his little finger probably!!!
I've often wondered why people are so bent on trying to match God with science.
Really R1000 - I just wanted to say thanks for putting that post together and making the time to post it.
Let's not forget that God can do ANYTHING - except sin!!
Blessed love from YSIC
Susan in Aussie land