Susan Bentley (28 Apr 2011)

Hi Doves,

I also have a question for you all.  Do any of you subscribe to the emails from Sabrina who posts here and Susan in the USA with the letters from the LORD which seem to be coming more often and more urgently.  I read them and find they have the unmistakeable ring of authority.  The LORD is pleading with us to "get right with him" before it is too late and informs us that we are in the last days.  I have been emailing the letters to friends and family and praying for opportunities to do more.  The latest letter (one of them) is difficult though as God exhorts us to put the world away and our hopes and ambitions for this world - and concentrate on becoming Holy so we may be fit to leave.  I am unemployed, looking for a job, have rent to pay and can only exist here a couple more months unless I find work.  Im very confused on whether to leave the cares of the world to themselves and not go ahead looking for work etc - or to keep on as I have been (looking for work and finding  a way to stay in my home).  It's a conundrum over which I am exceedingly puzzled.  IF the letters are genuine - then it appears our time is indeed short and I should be out there evangelizing more instead of occupying myself with wordly matters.  I think the latest letters from Sabrina and Susan will be posted by Sabrina either today or tomorrow - I would be grateful for your input having read them with discernment lead by the Holy Spirit.....
Love to all,
Your Sister In Christ,