Susan Bentley (28 Apr 2011)

Dear Doves
Well over here in Australia I see that Obama has finally produced a "real" birth certificate.  I honestly don't see how anybody now could question the fact that he was born in Hawaii.  Sure - I guess it could be a forgery but that would be very very difficult and apparently Hawaii has broken "the rules" to provide the long form copy of live certificate of birth.
I, for one, hope this ends the debate on the country of his birth and more attention can be focused on "is he the right President for the USA".
I pray for him personally - I think he is under an enormous amount of pressure and for reasons unknown (perhaps it's the Holy Spirit speaking to me) I think in his heart he is a good man trying to do what is right.  Anybody could be an AC candidate including him - but I doubt we will be around here on earth to see who that is!!  That is my blessed hope anyway.