Susan B (27 Apr 2011)
"Re; John B identity of the beast"

Re; John B identity of the beast

Hi John and all doves
I agree with all you have said and have thought this myself for too many years to remember.
It all fits with an authority that is hard to question and I've long thought John Paul will be the AC (recovering from deadly head wound).
Congratulations on the very concise way you have outlined this and hopefully opened the eyes of many.
I detest to speak out against a church but I removed my daughter after one year in a catholic secondary school due to what she was being taught (idolization of Mary etc) which screams abominable to me. The RC Church closes it's eyes to homosexuality and have had the audacity in recent years to claim that chapters in the Holy Bible never happened and are only there for illustrative purposes!! I take all scripture as the truth as God has proclaimed it so.
The catholic church is "big business"; they even own casinos!!! The list is endless.
I'm sorry if I have offended any catholic people but I would earnestly plead with you to come out and away and join a church which is full of the holy spirit and on fire for Jesus. Where they baptise with full water immersion and where there are no statues, chalices or any other objects of worship but the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
God bless you all
YSIC Susan in Aussie land