Susan Bentley (26 Apr 2011)
"For all plus Shelva and 1 Cor"

Hi John and doves
That was me who thought the rapture will be on an ordinary day rather than any particular Jewish feast day and I still believe this to be true for a couple of reasons.
First as I said on a Jewish feast day Christian Jews who would be included in the rapture would not be going about their ordinary business.
Secondly I believe it will be a very ordinary day so that no man can be "especially prepared" ; in other words we are to ALWAYS be prepared and waiting. It would be too easy to come to the Lord in repentance directly before Jewish feast days. I do believe this to be true and we are most clearly told that people will be going about their daily business. To me, this is the most significant phrase of all.
Also as the rapture will be largely composed of Gentiles; what do we have to do with Jewish feast days? Nothing!
Shelva? Your post confuses me because you mention the Lord spoke to you about something wonderful in April 2011 and says it is here; but then goes onto say it won't be April 2011.
Either I'm really dumb or I've missed something; would you mind clarifying your post on this? Many thanks.
Love to all
YSIC Susan in Aussie land