Susan B (21 Apr 2011)
"To Mike Curtiss"

Hello Mike,
Thank you for your offer of prayer.  I for one will sure take you up on it.  Im suffering - I can no longer afford my rented home and I have only until 12th May to find somewhere to live and to find somewhere to store my furniture and things - to date nothing has been made available.
I can go and live with my widowed Mother - however, she is 87 and although very independent she is a stickler to her routines and my going to live there has her in such a terrible state...... I feel guilt stricken.
I have not been able to work due to recent surgery and now terrible problems with fatigue (and my teeth - but that is another story).
I would simply like prayer for God to guide me in where I should go and for something to be made available to me and to give me the necessary strength and funds to do so - I am very poor financially.  I would also love you to pray that Jesus returns for us soon and that I be given the courage to evangelise wherever I can.
Thanks so much Mike
Your Sister In Christ,
Susan in Aussie land.  (watching, waiting, praying)