Susan B (19 Apr 2011)
"For Robert Belanger"

Hi Robert,
I also look  and LONG for the Rapture with anticipation and desire.  However, I believe to stay awake at night is a misunderstanding of what it means to not be "watching".  The Lord still knows we are human and we need our sleep periods!  (please somebody correct me if I am wrong).

To my mind "watching" for the return of Jesus is studying the events that are taking place and reading the scriptures relating to such whilst praying for guidance from the Holy Spirit who resides within us.  We do not need to worry about staying up all night "watching" - we would surely be woken if the Groom comes of a nighttime - as indeed it will be in some parts of the world on this great and glorious day.  We simply cannot stay up all night evertime we think "maybe this will be the night of the rapture" because no man knows (or can completely know) when  Jesus will return.
We can only surmise we are indeed nearing the end of times and keep our lamps filled (our bodies filled with His spirit).    Please - do not go without your sleep and to sit up all night waiting for an event that we have been clearly told will come upon as a "thief" - is a waste of time that your body and mind need for rest.  Jesus would not expect this.
Grace to you,
Your Sister In Christ,
Susan  in  Aussie land.