Susan B (16 Apr 2011)
"To Jennie - re evil entity in sleep"

Hi Jennie,
I will certainly pray for you, however, there could be a simpler explanation for these nightime attacks.  Look up "hypnagogic attacks" and you'll see that these are common.  During one of the phases of sleep we are in a state of paralysis - if we wake during that time it can be terribly uncomfortable and most people report being terrified out of their wits as they feel "opression".  The opression is just the body trying to move when it's actually in a perfectly normal state of paralysis.  To compound the issue a lot of people see or hear "demonic" presences whilst this is going on.
I do not believe a spirit filled Christian should be subject to such a demonic attack unless involved in some way in the occult - so it could be you're simply having some hypnagogic attacks.  I used to get them a lot - during them I could not even open my mouth or my eyes - to scream for help.
Eventually I learnt to relax through them and they now pass very quickly.
I will pray for you though as I know how frightening these can be.  Naturally it's possible you're under a demonic attack but it would be rare for a Christian to be so outrightly attacked in this way - unless the house you're living in has been used for occult purposes in the past.  It may be a good idea to have a Pastor come and do a rite of deliverance in your home if this were the case.
Hug to you,
Your sister in Christ,
Susan B.