Susan B (13 Apr 2011)
"To: Linda Arn, Gili and all Doves - prayer request"

Hello Linda and Hello all dearest doves,
Linda - you describe what I am also feeling and I also have other severe problems.  The house I am renting - I can no longer afford as I currently can't work (I've recently lost all my teeth and in the process of dentures etc) - so I have no money to pay the rent and every day I wake up and wonder how much longer I can endure this torment of the mind.  My Mum will have me come stay (but she doesn't want to - she's very old now and very set in her ways and I have nowhere to store a houshold full of furniture and things) - things I don't even need but can't leave in a rented house.
I will probably be evicted and that will damage my chances of ever renting again.  I am divorced (not my choice) and my ex husband and his new wife live in a beautiful home with beautiful "everything".  I am not envious - all I ask is somewhere to live - somewhere to "belong" - and I think that is why I feel such an urgency in my spirit.
But as I said before - I have pictured myself living an abundant life here in this world and that would not satisfy me either - I want no more part in this world - I want to GO HOME!!!!  I still don't know if this is wrong or not.  I am praying for opportunities to evangelize and have received a couple already and spread the word to complete strangers which is something I would not have had the guts to do before.
I am not a "date setter" at all and believe it will be a very ordinary day made EXTRAordinary by the Rapture.  I do know though that in the meantime we still have work to do for the Lord and I am trying.
Perhaps all the Doves will pray for both Linda Arn and I as we struggle to contend with living in a world that seems so callous and cold - wanting, pleading to go home - because in all honesty we do not know when it will be - it could still be many years away.  Personally, I doubt it - but I can't see it happening in a very short time frame - I think the Gospel first needs to be preached to the world.
Your prayers for help for me with packing up and moving to my Mum's (where I am not really wanted) and a place for my 3 much loved cats and storage for my household items would be so appreciated.  I believe strongly in the power of intercessory prayer.
And Linda - a hug for you from me - "I understand only too well"
Your loving Sister in Christ,
Susan B