Steve Mullin (30 Apr 2011)
"Contaminated Water"

Thanks Rene and Leigh for responding. You both make good points.
I know many christians don't believe that secular music is a venue that God operates through, but he sees the end from the beginning, knowing who will be saved in time. With that, he can work through them before they've even been saved or without them even realizing he is doing so.
After I posted about the contaminated water, the next day I was driving in my car and a song that I've heard many times came on the radio, though I'd never paid attention to these particular lyrics. The song is called "Where The Streets Have No Name" by U2. I saw a show about how Bono, the lead singer seriously contemplated becoming a preacher before his career took off. U2 has more songs related to God and Jesus than most realize, so I don't find it a surprise that this song was "quickened" to me.
Though brief, the lyrics I noticed are "I want to take shelter from the poison rain, where the streets have no name (Heaven)..". If there is nuclear war in the future or nuclear power plant meltdowns, surely it would have an effect on our atmosphere, possibly to the point that it would be nightmarish.
Steve Mullin