Stephen Bishop (22 Apr 2011)
"The Last Day"

[I hope Someone at church can read this out at Easter]
He had come to live a Perfect life,
And die as a Lamb without spot,
His Paschal destiny would not be denied,
Even by the treachery of Iscariot.
He had performed many miracles that confirmed His Deity,
Defying conventions that govern mere mammals,
He admonished the Scribes and rebuked the Pharisees,
Who strained at gnats -- yet swallowed their camels.
So the authorities consulted to put Him to death,
His life and teachings were threats to their wealth,
They convinced Caiaphas to send out his guards,
And arrest this Man under cover of stealth.
The sentries came to take Him away,
As He worshipped with His apostles in Gethsemane,
It was a good distance south of his home,
Where He had lived and walked the shores of Galilee.
But Jesus was conscious of their dastardly intent,
And feared NOT the strength of their wards,
He knew that He could summon up 12 legions of Angels,
At a moment’s notice to defeat their swords.
But Jesus went willingly before the Sanhedrin,
Only to be mocked and condemned beyond compare,
And when he was brought before Pilate, He was quickly returned,
Because a dream from Pilate’s wife had brought him despair.
But Herod was without authority to condemn to death,
For the Sceptre of Judah had been removed from the Jews,
So he sent Jesus again to the Roman Governor,
And waited anxiously the outcome of this illegal ruse.
After the interrogation commenced and Pilate inquired about “truth”,
Still in disbelief to behold a man that could withstand the Cat-of Nine,
He was amazed that the glass shards, nails, and sheep bone stripes,
Had not diminished the irrepressible Light that continued to shine.
So Pilate pronounced to the accusers that Jesus was innocent,
And upon rebuttal he visibly washed his hands of this deed,
He released Barabbas for the throng to embrace,
While ordering his Centurions to quickly proceed.
But before the henchmen marched Jesus to Golgotha,
They plaited a crown of thorns upon His head,
Mocking in derision His Rightful Authority,
And shrouding Him in a robe of scarlet red.
After the soldiers had beaten His head with a reed,
And replaced the scarlet robe with His blood-stained raiment,
They mercilessly forced Him to carry His own cross,
Until Simon of Cyrene finally caused them to relent.
The Crucifixion was performed with two thieves at each side,
And after uttering seven statements, Jesus gave up the Ghost,
One final jab of a spear determined that it was FINISHED,
An “apparent” victory proclaimed by the murderous host.
But this “apparent” conquest was not what they thought,
The TRUTH was soon to unfold,
The sacrificial death of Jesus brought deliverance,
Exactly as the ancient prophets had all foretold.
Sin and hell were conquered by His death,
Objectives still consummated through ungodly insurrection,
We are now Sanctified, Justified, and awaiting Glorification,
Because Salvation was accomplished through Jesus’ Resurrection.