Stefen L (11 Apr 2011)
"Countdown April 11, 2012...Year of the Dragon"

How's it going fellow doves,
Well, we're a year away from the proposed middle of the tribulation April 11, 2012...based off of the 7 week count from June 7, 1967, which takes us to Atonement September 23, 2015 (Daniel 9:25). Subtract 1260 days (3.5yrs) from that date and it brings you back to April 11, 2012...when antichrist "brings an end to sacrifice and offering" Daniel 9:27. April 11, 2012 just so happens to be right in the middle of the Passover celebration. Does this have something to do with the sacrifice and offering Daniel was talking about being stopped by the AC?? The stage is already being set with the current situation in the middle east. I believe a lot will happen this summer to bring this about...its the domino effect. I believe the rapture to happen on a feast day, in particular Feast of Trumpets, but the year is a mystery, although 2011 seems to be the best candidate so far.
The antichrist is in power for the last 3.5yrs of the tribulation and apparently makes his debut when he causes the daily sacrifice in Jerusalem to cease...he spent the previous 3.5 yrs playing golf near the white house :)
It is in 2012 that the Mayans believed their "feathered snake god" Quetzalcoatl, or "feathered serpent" would return. Satan is described as the dragon in Revelation 12:9, and Quetzalcoatl also sounds like a dragon..."feathered serpent"??? Perhaps it is in 2012 that the war breaks out in heaven and Satan (the dragon) is cast down to earth...Satan and Quetzalcoatl being synonymous.
The interesting thing is that 2012 is the year of the dragon according to Chinese astrology. Consequently, 2015, the year Christ is supposed to return is the year of the goat...commonly referred to as a lamb!! So, 2012 is a dragon year, 2015 is a lamb year. Just thought I'd point that out.
Lastly, it is interesting to note that Daniel 9:11-12 is speaking specifically about the temple and offerings. It states that 1290 days would pass from the time the daily sacrifice is taken away, but it doesn't say what the 1290 days will end with, only from when it would start. Then it states blessed is he who comes to the 1335 days...all this is in regards to the temple and daily sacrifices. This entire passage is taking place the "day of" the daily sacrifice being taken away, and of course that occurs right in the middle of the tribulation; the 1260th day. So, if April 11, 2012 is the middle of the tribulation counting from June 7, 1967, then counting backwards 1290 days from April 11, 2012 ("the day of") takes us to Roshashanna September 29, 2008 (coincidentally the market dropped 777 pts that day). Counting forward 1335 days from April 11, 2012 ("the day of") takes us to December 7, 2015...which is...Hanukah, the celebration of the rededication of the temple. Do you see the connection between this passage speaking of the temple and daily sacrifices being taken away, but 1335 days later a festival that's all about the temple and sacrifices being restored. Daniel 12:11-12 has to be talking about April 11, 2012...there's no other fit.
I read a book a couple months back called "Apollyon Rising 2012" by John Horn. I've heard others mention him on this site. Its an excellent read and I go back to it often. Without giving to much info (don't want to spoil it)...he explains how 2012 was not only significant to the Mayans, but also to the illuminatist and masons. From my interpretation is seems as though biblical prophecies regarding the temple and middle of tribulation on April 11, 2012 are colliding head on with occultist's and ancient civilizations expectations of 2012. Occultist believe their messiah will be "anointed" by Lucifer "the dragon" in 2012...and there is so much info. supporting got to get the book.
So, with April 11, 2012 exactly one year away, I don't think there's any more time left...maybe a couple months, 6 months? who knows. But I think the time is now. Let us prepare our hearts for Christ and pray for the peace and protection of Jerusalem and Israel.