Stan Freeman (19 Apr 2011)
"So That Your Joy May Be Complete"

     Recently, we lost our beloved pet of twelve years.  This little dachshund was a big part of our family, like one of our children, and we grieved for the loss. 

     Although I am reluctant to admit it, I cried out to the Lord in tears & anguish asking “Why Lord, why did You take Precious now?”

     The Spirit answered in the still small voice, “So that your Joy may be Complete.”  
     I have spent much time in thought on this, and it has brought me much comfort to search out its meaning.

     What a wonderful Loving Father we have that he concerns Himself with the Complete Joy of his Children—and I pray that I will see my little friend again someday soon.


     The Lord is Coming Quickly so that Our Joy May be Complete.