Stacey Hannah (2 Apr 2011)
"Pastor Francis Riley"

    I was working on emails last night trying to catch up from the days I was gone and not feeling real well.  I was in the process of deleting some emails that didn't have to be answered.  All of a sudden I hit something on the computer [don't even ask me what I hit] and every email I had on the computer screen [all 899 of them] vanished into eternity.  Yes, I mean ALL of them.  Okay, go ahead and say it!  How "computer illiterate" [dumb] can one be and still try to carry on a ministry by email over the computer?  Well just take a look at me and you will have the answer!  They're gone!  They're all gone.  They flew away into the great "email heaven" in the sky.  I didn't even get to read a lot of them. 
     Well anyway, my reason for telling you this is that if you want to make a brief announcement about what happened I would appreciate it, or you can just post this email.  Please tell folks that anyone who sent me an email DURING THE MONTH OF MARCH which contained important info which they wanted me to read and answer, needs to email me again.  Otherwise, I am taking up with incoming new emails as of today.  Maybe this time I won't "flub up."