Spoely (18 Apr 2011)
"Robbie McKinney - Zion Oil"


Robbie and my dear Five Doves:


I am a financial advisor and I wanted to point out some things about investing that you have brought up.  I do not have a strong opinion on Zion Oil itself; however, I have purchased Zion oil for one of my Five Doves friends.


Now…you said:


I know they are appealing for investment
funds and even if we are not here to enjoy any possible benefits, my
thoughts are that their success could possibly help others including the
Jewish State.


When purchasing stock or investing in Zion Oil, please remember that if you were to purchased Zion Oil stock on an exchange, you would not be directly helping Zion Oil.  Your purchase on stock would simply be matched up with a seller in California, Texas, Germany or who knows where.  To invest direct you should contact the firm directly and ask them “what new stock/bond issues are coming?” 


For those that might believe that Israel as a whole will continue to be blessed, you might want to consider either invest in an Israeli mutual fund or an ETF.  Israel has hundreds of firms that are very successful as prophesied in the Scriptures.


Invest at your own risk.  Here is why, despite your beliefs in the fact that Israeli country will be blessed, there still might not be a ‘market’ for its stocks/bonds on the worldwide market.  God might protect them, but He doesn’t guarantee that their market will stay afloat on the international market.  (For those that really understand deep investment theory, you might be better off shorting the Islamic stock market. LOL)


So other investments might be more valuable:


                Invest in strong solid Christian organizations that are ministering to or in Israel. 

                Travel to Israel with your family by picking one of the “end-time” ministers as your guide; ie: Perry Stone, Jim Fletcher, Pastor Jeff Carlson (Oakhill, GR Michigan)

                                You might discuss this with your tax preparer, because you if you are traveling to research Zion Oil (or other oil firms) this might be an investment research trip. J

                Invest in “On Wings of Eagles” an organization that helps Russian Jews move to Israel. http://www.ifcj.org/site/PageNavigator/eng/programs/on_wings_of_eagles

                                We did and it was quite a good feeling to actively be involved in prophesy.

                Provide funding for a small group study at your church on The Feasts/The end-times/Revelations-Daniels, the rising Islamic Caliphate.

                                Churches have a hard time saying no, when funds are being offered to back up the suggestions.

                                This would also be tax deductible


Invest in your future…the one that you will be enjoying for countless Generations!


Keep looking up!