Spoely (14 Apr 2011)
"Paul Wilson - chiming in on 40 days for the dead in christ"

Good post!  And I support your theory on how we won’t/can’t do everything that Jesus did/will do.  Here r some additional thoughts:

1)      Christ was crucified and might I add a horrible death.  Thanks to his sacrifice we don’t have to, praise God.

2)      Christ is our Lord and King, I look forward to the day that we can ride with him in His final victory.  However, the way I read Revelations, I won’t even be able to swing my sword…His Word will be the Sword that takes them all out.  Amen and Glory!  (I hate to throw in US politics, but has anyone notice how our leaders, send in our troops to fight, then sit back in Washington and pull away support.)  Not our King, Jesus; He will LEAD US INTO BATTLE!  Amen!)

PS.  I get to sit and listen live to Perry Stone tonight.  He get one excited about this stuff too!