Spoely (14 Apr 2011)
"10 Centimeters"


Dear End-Time Friends and my dear Five Doves;


So, I am at a Perry Stone conference in GR Michigan tonight and Perry is talking about all the birth pains.  He completely surprises the crowd with this amazing fact.


“Are you listening?”  (For you that have listened to Perry you know what this feels like. J)


He first reminds us that when a baby is ready to be born when the woman is dilated to…how many centimeters?   (ok, men take a second and ask your wife/mother.)


10 Centimeters is the right answer, yes?


Guess how many centimeters did the earth axis shift due to the Japanese earthquake, hmmm????   That’s right 10 CENTIMETERS!!!



So, I get home and I want to confirm this…and look what I found:




Not only does this article confirm the 10 centimeter shift, but look at the following stats pulled out of the article:


Sumatra in 2004 – 7 centimeters

Chile in 2010 – 8 centimeters

Japan in 2011 – 10 centimeters


Perry did cover that he believes that prophetic time becomes compressed as a prophetic events gets closer…so even the numbers mentioned above point to that…with 5 years between ’04 – ’10 (Sumatra was very late in year, while Chile was very early in ’10) and then only 13 months between the 8 and 10 centimeter!!


I can see Perry live on Thursday (twice) Friday (twice) and Saturday/Sunday.  Ill report back!