Songsol63 (28 Apr 2011)
"I Hope This Makes You Smile"


After seeing my husband off to work this morning I was still very tired and went back to bed.  Though I was tired, I tossed and turned and could not go back to sleep.  I started praying and talking to Jesus and asked Him if the rapture will be in 2011.  I felt I was being prompted to turn on the television and ask Jesus to have something on the screen to give me an answer. Fox & Friends (Fox News morning show)  was on and they have been tying everything in with the wedding in England of William and Kate.  As the screen came on they were doing a segment on adopting dogs and cats from a rescue shelter.  The title at the bottom of the screen was ROYAL RESCUE!  I laughed with joy and hope that Jesus is saying that our ROYAL RESCUE will be this year.  I am not saying or prophesying, I am just watching.