Sonchild (6 Apr 2011)
"Party,politics and God  to Suzi and all Doves"

The name Hannity caught my eye, as I have heard of him,but never listened or vvatched, and same for vvhoever Greta is. Believe they both are nevvscasters or talk shovv hosts.
I make sure I listen to God's opinions rather than mans so that I vvill not be svvayed avvay from the vvord of God. I knovv that vve are to follovv God rather than man and that scripture tells us that vve don't even
vvrestle against flesh and blood , but against povvers and principalities,
vvhich are demon spirits. I vvant my energies to be centered in the right places so I have been spending more time in prayer, praise, and
vvorship than ever before. i have found that since I rely on God, the Holy Spirit more , novv that I am in the VVord and prayer more, that
I find my thoughts dvvelling on the things of God. VVhen God says to
pray for all in authority and "for all men everyvvhere", and I do that,
then i knovv I am pleasing Him. Obedience is alvvays better than even
a sacrifice. It makes me happy too.
I have vvritten the above only to say that my ovvn life is richer and fuller than ever before. Realizing that serving God is much more than believing or belonging to a certain political party.
I see some vvho think,eat,and talk only political vievvs of their favorite
of that moment.Some of these folk are believers in Jesus as Lord.
Their hearts and minds are being turned to things other than doing
the vvorks of Him vvho sent us to do His vvork. Here vve are in the last of the end times for us and vvhat a shame if vve miss out on all that
God is doing novv trading those things for a political party and nevvs of the day.
I maintain as I knovv you all do that God's Nevvs is Good Nevvs and
never propaganda.His Nevvs is alvvays true, not a vvord of propaganda in it. VVe can and do stake our very eternal and earthly lives on Truth.Our confidence is not in a party, a political vievv alone or in any
man, no matter hovv great his/her philosophies are. God's is alvvays
better. His vvay is Truth and Life.
I have seen people this last year turning more tovvard time reading political books instead of the VVord, talking about politics more than
about God, vvasting hour after hour andday after day in these things
of the vvorld than the things of God . It is hurtful to us to see this
happening. Please note that I am in no vvay saying that a Christian
should not vote and make ourselves avvare of beliefs of a politician
before vve vote,but that doesn't take our lives avvay from God and
our families, from visiting the sick and ministering to those God sends
us too.
I am saying, vve need to be sure God is alvvays first in our lives and
the things of the vvorld are not.
Love all of you .