Shelva Sirry (28 Apr 2011)
"To Susan Bentley re: Clarification Question"

Dear Susan,
First let me agree with what you said about the Rapture coming on an ordinary day. I believe that lines up with "at such a time when you think not."
Yes you simply missed something in what I feel God told me. He said this April His glory would fall on His Bride. At the time I thought He meant all the Bride. So far I have not seen evidence of that. However, I had a wonderful experience with the glory before Church Sunday morning.
Then He went on to explain that the Rapture would not happen in the next three weeks (as per my question). Personally I believe we will be here for whatever happens on Dec. 21, 2012 but raptured shortly after. However, I believe God may have restrained me from asking about a Rapture this summer. So much is closing in on us fast. I do think it could happen before this year is over but I don't expect it. I also believe as you do that the Rapture is largely Gentile therefore has little to do with the Jewish feasts.
I still believe now that Oral Roberts has been taken home that the Rapture will not happen until God calls Billy Graham home as well. I believe in the prophecy that stated that several years ago.
You have such a unique way of looking at things. Please keep on posting your thoughts and research. You really bless us on Doves. Thank you also for your questions.
Blessings to you,