Shelva Sirry (23 Apr 2011)
"Word For The Bride For April 23 & 24"

     Because the signs seem so great in favor of an Easter translation I asked God about this on 4-18-11. This was at 10:10 am after reading 5 Doves. I specifically asked if the Rapture would happen in the next three weeks. The following is what I was given:
I have always told you when the Rapture would not be. Years ago when I told you something great would happen in April I was referring to this April 2011. The time has come. The glory of the LORD shall fall on all those who love My appearing. The time is at hand for Me to become even closer to My Bride. The engagement has been a lengthly one. I long for your embrace. One day soon I will say to you, 'Arise, My Dove, My Fair One, and come away with Me.' (Song Of Soloman) I want this as much as you do - probably more.
Yet a little while and Scripture will be fulfilled. You will see Me and will rise to meet Me in the clouds. Alas, it will not be this April. The time has not come yet. Hold fast to your faith until I come. Do not be discouraged at the dalay. I have all in My hands. Nothing has been left to chance. Trust Me to do all things decently and in order. In this time of waiting for Me just draw closer to Me. Feel My heart beat and know My will. Be conformed to the image of your Bridegroom.
Let this time be bittersweet as one who waits by the telephone or the mail to hear from their Beloved. Oh! and when that communication comes! What joy! What loving conversation. Your heart seems to burst for joy!  Just continue to anticipate My return. It will be much more 'rapturous' when it happens.
Because you and the Doves want to know, I tell you now that I will give you a warning of My impending arrival - your departure. You will hear the cry of the archangel that the Bridegroom is on the way. Prior to that I will tell many, many of you that the Catching Away is within days. You will not be left as wandering sheep without the clear and decisive voice of your Shepherd. Fear not, Little Doves, for I am watching over you and I promise you will hear My voice as the time draws near."