Shelva Sirry (22 Apr 2011)
"To Eliane B. & Susan Petrie re: Creation Calendar Website"

I am sorry but this Calendar does not line up with Scripture. It is created by someone who wants to prove the Catholic creation of Good Friday. It does not take into account the two Sabbaths for that week nor the two delays for the women to get to Jesus' body. I agree that three days could come from 3 partial days. However, because Jesus knew people would try these tricks, He said three days and three NIGHTS. If you even use partial nights He would have been in the tomb Friday night and Saturday night and NO part of Sunday night. Does not work no matter how it is twisted. Jesus also said He would be raised up "after" three days to make it clear that the timing would be three days and three nights so there could be no mistake in what He meant.
Thank you for your posts. Your research is good. I just don't trust the source for the Calendar. It is also off on Jesus conception and birth...