Sharon D (30 Apr 2011)
"Question for Doves"

Do you think in plenty of time before the rapture the Lord will stop calling men into the ministry, stop giving churches mandates, stop prophecies over people's future lives etc? In others words would God want jobs he's given people to be left undone?


Whenever I hear pastors say they and the leadership have instructions from God to do thus and such, I think to myself,

Oh no, then the rapture isn't happening this week or any time soon!


God made sure Noah had finished the ark, the animals and people were inside, everything was done before he shut the door and sent the rain.


I'm aware that our plans will be interrupted.  I'm questioning from God's point of view.  I know there were times when God decided not to destroy some people. However since most instructions he gives us are given in order to reach people, would he suddenly decide stop the process and not bother with them after all?


Have any of you ever pondered this and come to some conclusion?