Scott McAllister (27 Apr 2011)
"Days of Noah And the Return of the Nephilim - NEW VIDEO!!!"

 Hello all,
Did fallen angels procreate with women to create a hybrid race called Nephilim spoken of in Genesis 6 in Noah's day?  Did Jesus warn us that this would happen in the last days just prior to His return. The knowledge covered in this video will be the largest leap of faith for many followers of Christ & we pray "That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him." - Eph 1:17  We at Seven Theory Ministries have know about this for some time, but have resisted in making a video because our greatest desire is that all who are seeking truth would receive Christ & eternal life! We can no longer hold this info back as Satan's deception is now ramping up  for a final showdown & God will keep His promise.  Many in Christ are freaked out who are in the know - may you rest in Him knowing that "The LORD watches over all who love Him, but the wicked He will destroy." - Psalms 145:20  Many of you are also confused about the rapture, but be assured that there is a pretribulation rapture & He is coming very soon! This film is for the edification of the body of Christ & is dedicated to all the women who are victims of  SRA/DID abuse in order to be used as wombs for Satan in our day.  To learn more, research the ministry of Pastor Douglass Riggs & listen to the free audio files of "The Nephilim Mothers Project" or "Beyond SRA/DID - Parahumanism" at the following link:
Much thanks to Pastor Douglass Riggs for his faithful teaching of the Word of God in these matters & to the brave women who are speaking out to what has been done to them.  What Satan meant for evil, God used for good! By the way, the audio in this film is an original called "Days of Noah" & I thank the LORD for giving it to me.  You can view Days of Noah - And the Return of the Nephilim on Youtube or on our home page:

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Scott McAllister