Rowina (7 Apr 2011)
"Hasn't Israel already been divided at Gaza?"

When Sharon and company forced the farmers of Gaza off their
land, and gave it to the Palestinians, was not Israel divided?

I do not know the technicalities of "ownership" here.  To whom
does Gaza legally belong now, and in whose jurisdiction is this
held?   Does the UN recognize Gaza as a separate nation, or
is it no-man's land until the "formal" declaration of a Palestinian
state?  Could the Israelis just take over Gaza and declare it a
failed experiment?

How long has this gone on in Gaza?  Was it five years ago?
The time blurs.  Obviously the experiment failed, as Gazans
continue to lob many missiles at Israel and their leaders declare that
Israel will be wiped off the map.  Israel got nothing for declaring
Gaza a Palestinian enclave and removing all Israelis from there.
Perhaps that was the intention, to prove that nothing good would
come of dividing the land?

Anyway, it seems the division occurred when the Jewish farmers
were ripped from their lands by the IDF, most of the IDF acting
against their own beliefs of what was good.