Rowina (4 Apr 2011)
"Celebrating Abib by eating Grapenuts barley"

I have read the posts about the barley harvest in ancient Israel, and know that
the earliest barley offerings would have been on Nisan I, and that this very day
(April 4/5) is that time in 2011 (year 5771 on the Jewish calendar).

Every morning I think of this when I eat my Grapenuts cereal.  I alternate
Grapenuts with a healthstore brand of shredded wheat.  But these last few
days I am eating only the barley/wheat Grapenuts, to celebrate the barley harvest.
 I am eating barley to celebrate the "early Firstfruits" (the earliest possible time
to offer the abib, prior to its full maturity on Firstfruits  after Passover, according
to Jean Stepnoski and others).

For those interested in health, Grapenuts is a pretty good cereal to eat if you
want to avoid various additives without having to go to a "healthstore" to buy
an additive-free cereal.  It is part barley and part wheat.  Pure barley is hard to
cook and get into an edible condition, but Grapenuts is sitting there all ready on
your grocer's shelf.  It is really good!

Happy Abib!

The barley eater,