Rowina (22 Apr 2011)
"Barry Amundsen--your dogs"

Your dogs are incredibly beautiful.  I know, they are older now, not in the
great beauty of body they were when younger.  They have such "soulfull"

I thank John Tng for putting up this picture.  I had not read all the Doves
letters yesterday (Wednesday 20 April) because I was very busy, but this
morning when I went to look for the Doves edition of April 21 I saw the
old letters there and began to read them. And I'm glad I did not miss your dogs!

I have only wild animals and neighbor cats who play in my backyard.  My
deceased husband and I were both lovers of the rabbits, which used to come
daily, but only come occasionally now.  In the past year and four months,
since Irv went Home, a rabbit has always come the day before I am to go on
a trip,  to Seattle, or Phoenix, or California.  I am expecting a rabbit to
come the day before the rapture, but of course it's all in God's will, and I can't
dictate that!  When my husband was in his last few days at the hospital, before
he died, when asked if he wanted to go to a facility or go home, and what would
he do at home, he said at home he would be able to see the rabbits.

These creatures are not pets; not "mine", but they are God's beautiful ones too.

I had a pet many years ago who was "mine", and his picture is on the wall.
Nubicat, an alley cat of impeccable degree.