Rowina (12 Apr 2011)
"Thanks, John Clark, for your thoughts"

I recognize that the type of atrial fibrillation you have had for several
months must be VERY difficult to live with.  My husband's nephew has
this, and it makes him nervous and unable to stand loud noises or childish
play in his house.  I do not see how a person can "think" while a-fib is
going on, so I know you must have courage to think so well in spite of it.
You must be living in the Spirit more and more rather than in the world,
to be able to maneuver through your life rationally with this constant
"noise" in your physical being.

I do take probiotics.  At one time I took a capsule, but now I take one
of the Greek yoghurts which have become popular, and I think from my
bodily reactions that they are effective.  They don't have sugar or additives
like most brands of yoghurt do.  Other brands are usually sickly sweet.

I think I probably have pancreatic enzymes in my enzymes from Source
Naturals, which have enzymes to aid in digestion of protein, fat, and carbohydrate.
They are expensive.  But necessary.  I think one of the great hardships of the
tribulation is that people who are used to "supplements" probably will no longer
be able to get them.

I looked up Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez's web page and did not learn a lot new--I
am not planning to get involved in "new" alternative therapy at this time, as I
believe the majority of those have simply disrupted my metabolism, which is
"nutty" to start with--you know, the "inborn error in metabolism" which is the
official dx for Porphyria.  I have learned a lot over many years by being involved
in alternative therapy, however, and at this point know which things in it have
been good.  I have benefited in the past from acupuncture, acupressure, Touch
for Health, many supplements (but not all), and Jin Shin Jyutsu, which is a form
of acupressure that is sometimes used by New Age practitioners but does not
NEED to be New Age, since in its pure form it is pure acupressure.  My husband
and I both became Jin Shin practitioners for our own use, and I still use some
flows on myself.

Tomorrow the Interferon Without Preservatives will be delivered, and I start the
last attempt to use Interferon.  It is interesting that there are 20 forms of Interferon
occurring naturally in the body, as you tell me.  I wonder if the Intron I will be using
will be different from the basic Pegasys.  I did VERY well with Pegasys in terms
of reducing platelets quickly, but the Propylene Glycol in it was a real tie-breaker.
I believe Interferons can be very effective in treating Myeloproliferative disorders.
On line many have responded phenomenally.  I respond quickly, but with severe
side effects from the additives.  If this one does not work, I will wait on the Lord,
I guess.  I don't think I will try P-32, which is radiation delivered by IV every few
months, as it involves traveling alone to the Mayo Clinic.  I am not up to the "alone"
part any more.