Ron Reese (6 Apr 2011)
"Obama's election as President to April 11, 2011, is 888 days"

This is a fascinating calculation.  From Nov. 4, 2008, the day that Obama, the future Antichrist, was elected President of the U.S., to April 11, 2011, is 888 days.  It is also interesting that Obama formally announced his bid for the U.S. Presidency on Apr. 4, 2011, exactly 7 days from April 11, 2011.  What also makes this extremely interesting, if not intriguing, is that there were three comets, including Halley's Comet, that all herald the day of April 11th, as a future day of great importance, involving the Antichrist (All of the details are on my website at: )
It is further fascinating that Apr. 11, 2012, is the EXACT midpoint of the Final 7 Years.  So, I have been pinpointing Apr. 11, 2012, as the day that Obama will recover from the mortal head wound, and begin his 1260-day reign as the Antichrist.  The date of Apr. 11, 2012, is also right in the middle of Holy Week, in 2012, so it appears that we will have the Anti-Messiah, attempting to mimic the resurrection of the real Messiah, Jesus, on the same day of the year that Jesus was resurrected.
If we are still here, with no Rapture/Sudden Destruction, after Easter Sunday this year, then I believe the above paragraph will prove to be the truth.  However, in the past few days, April 11, 2011, has become intriguing.  Remember, the 3 comets pointing to April 11th, do not tell us the year, only the day of the year.  Because Bible Prophecy has been put on fast forward in 2011, we should be watching for the POSSIBILITY of the official revealing of the Antichrist, on April 11, 2011.  Making this further intriguing is Bible Prophecy scholar Bob Schlenker's view that the revealing of the Antichrist, the Rapture, and the start of the 1260-day Great Tribulation ALL happen two and one-half years into the Final 7 Years, which would mean that April of 2011 is full of all sorts of possibilities.
With at least 13 specific warning signs pointing directly to Feast of Firstfruits, Apr. 19--20, 2011, it becomes doubly intriguing.  What makes this even MORE intriguing is that Schlenker also believes the revealing of the Antichrist will take place 8 days before the Rapture, which again could be April 11, 2011.  On Oct. 29, 2008, Obama confirmed the covenant of Dan. 9:27, thrusting the world into the Final 7 Years.  SEVEN days later inclusively, Obama was made President of the U.S.  On Apr. 4, 2011, Obama declares his bid for the Presidency in 2012.  Will something also happen that is extremely significant 7 days later, on Apr. 11, 2011?  Are we really this close, or are we one year away?  In a few more days, we will know for sure.
In the calculation in paragraph #1, we have 888 days separating Obama's election day of 11/04 of 2008, and 4/11 of 2011.  Please note the numbers of 4/11 and 11/4.  This sounds like something that the New World Order elite might do deliberately, but this is speculation only, on my part.  Could they be using the same numbers of 4 and 11 (4 is the number of the world and 11 is the number of judgment and disorder), to announce his Presidency in 2008, and His position as Dictator, or Ruler, of the World in 2011?  These dates are 888 days apart, and they use the very same numbers of 4 and 11.  April 11, 2012, is also EXACTLY the midpoint day of the Final 7 Years, so a possible one-year warning is something to consider, for next week.
I realize that this email is full of speculation, and is possibly confusing to some, but we must continue to allow the Lord to fulfill end-time Bible Prophecy, in the way that He has intended, not the way that we have tried to figure out, or the way that we have been taught.  Progressive revelation remains even more important, the closer we get to the end.  So many things that we thought we had figured out, such as the fulfillment of Daniel 9:27, and the Rapture before the Final 7 Years, are proving not to be the truth. Let's not reject the truth of what God is doing in these very last days.  Let's be willing to be teachable, and agree that none of us have it all figured out.  Many of the famous Bible Prophecy scholars believe they have it all figured out, such as the Antichrist heading up a 10-nation confederacy in Europe, a 7-year peace treaty in the Middle East, the Rapture before the Final 7 Years, etc.  Despite evidence to the contrary, they refuse to let go of their traditions and well-intended, but false, teachings.
I will be watching the next couple of weeks with GREAT anticipation and excitement, because of the possibility (dare I say, probability) of extremely important Prophetic events unfolding, including the Rapture of the Bride.  I am doing what the Lord admonishes each of us to be doing, praying to be found worthy, and not found lukewarm.  What extremely exciting, yet sobering, days we are living in!  JESUS IS COMING VERY, VERY SOON!!!  BE READY!!!  AND DO WHAT THE LORD LEADS YOU TO DO TO PREPARE OTHERS.
Ron Reese