Robin B (8 Apr 2011)
"Beck....Friday's show...stand with Israel"

Friday's show will be highlighting the importance of standing with Israel....sounds like a must watch! I had the honor a couple of weeks ago to sing a choir for an event in Western NY called "Night to Honor Israel".  They have been held all over the country for several years, now. It was a joyous opportunity to stand as a Christian and say "never again, not on my watch". In the midst o the joy...there was a somber undertone. A young man from the IDF spoke....with strength and purpose he shared some of the deep concerns facing Israel and the group that puts the NTHI on said they were not sure how many more there would be. I believe we will not be reassembled next year. Please watch tomorrow, and if you're not a fan than just don't tell anyone you watched. Be blessed in His Name....Robin B