Robert Belanger (6 Apr 2011)
"Elenin Closest Date is October 16, not April 19"

I mistakenly read the Elenin orbital chart given in my message of April 4, 2011, and have been advised of my error by several readers. It was not my intention to deceive anyone and I sincerely apologize for providing erroneous results. The rest of this message is for those who were led astray and would like to verify my latest pronouncement on the closest approach date for themselves.
I used the JPL interactive link (see below) recommended by David Robinson to obtain a better estimate. From the following link a more informed computation of the closest approach is given as October 16, 2011 at 0.233 AU. This date was mentioned by several who me when advising me of my error.
This information is found by clicking the Close-Approach-Data button on the JPL link, or by running the orbit calculation animation (I actually observed 0.232 AU as the closest on Oct 17 as the solution from the animation, but probably the stated data is more reliable than the animation--at any rate they are both close enough for a layman's information).
Hopefully, the media will cover the approach as the date nears and we will get to see Elenin uo close through the large telescopes around the world, or maybe even the Hubble space telescope?;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb
Parenthetically, I am happy to see that some people are reading my messages and interested in getting the record corrected for all of the readers. Many thanks to all who responded and my true appreciation for taking the time to offer your excellent suggestions for obtaining the correct date.