Robert Belanger (12 Apr 2011)
"Re: Laura Shipley 14 Clues Study"

 Hi Laura,

I spent most of this afternoon listening to your 14 Clues videos on why the Rapture will be on Firstfruits. It was riveting and a wonderful presentation which helped me understand the Firstfruits material better than ever..

I agree with Fay that your work is brilliant and IMHO should be read and listened to by everyone interested in Christ's return for His Bride. The solid basis in Scripture for your every point is excellent. Your slides were great, easy to follow and quite educational. I especially liked hearing your voice in the background and felt you were a serious and dedicated Bible scholar.( At one time, I thought I heard a rooster crowing in the background--if it actually was a rooster, then I supposed you were up early and living on a farm--which also would be symbolic that we should be waking up to God's prophetic word concerning the timing of the Rapture!)

Anyway, everything that you wrote and illustrated so beautifully is really great and I want to tell you how much I appreciate what you have done ( I especially appreciated your not using exaggerated fonts to stress your favorite points, instead relying upon the truth of your logic--a truly professional and respectful presentation).

Thanks again. I know it must have taken many hours to create these videos and I praise your dedication and effort for the Lord and His Church. You will certainly be rewarded for your faithfulness in the future if there is any justice in the universe--which there is, just not on earth sometimes.

Laura, please do keep up your outstanding work for the Lord. I look forward to any future writings you may produce--though if the Rapture is to be this year it will be next week, according to your calculations. You think that it will occur during the week of Passover, or specifically day 16/17 of Nisan, i.e., this year on or about April 20/21, if my Hebrew calendar is correct. Let's hope that it is in fact to be this year, and that your well-thought out similitude prophecy analyses are spot on! I don't know if I can stay awake every night to the third watch but I will try on those nights, since we are supposed to do so.

In conclusion, I was indeed blessed in reading your work and cannot thank you enough for taking the time and making the effort to provide the best information on the Firstfruit material relative to the timing of the Rapture that I have ever seen. I cannot thank you enough!

Take care,


p.s. Your gematria equation 7 x 37 x 7 = 777 needs revision.