Rene (4 Apr 2011)
"Re: the Uprising over Koran burning--?"

The radical extremist muslims in Afghanistan and other countries will use absolutely any excuse to go on a rampage and wreck havoc, plunder, and murder. (Does anyone over there ever actually WORK for a living?)  If they were not killing people because of the Koran burning, it would be something else, you can be sure. That's all they know.They are children of the devil.
They are rioting over a pastor in Fl.  burning the Koran. Well, in THEIR country, you can't even walk down the street with a BIBLE under your arm--- and they are killing Christians all around the world by the thousands in hate-filled INTOLERANT muslim nations right now! I am sick and tired of them kicking Jesus around and kicking Christians around! And they have spent years and years trying to kill off the Jews in Israel. They have bombed them, ripped them apart, knifed them, shot them, blown them apart, destroyed their children and babies, and they are yelling about America being intolerant because of what this pastor did. These radical extremists are the most INTOLERANT, extreme, hate-filled bigots in the WORLD!  Try walking down the street in Saudi Arabia or Iran with a BIBLE under your arm and in five minutes, they will be taking off your head! And what happens to the BIBLES in these countries? They burn them! And before they ever even get to a majority in America, they will be trying to kill Christians and burn and outlaw BIBLES over here! Does anyone doubt that THAT is their ultimate intention? They are already declaring shari'a law in some areas and trying to get the entire country under shari'a law. They murder their own relatives at the drop of a hat. They have no regard for women and treat them like animals! They are running around in Afghanistan screaming about OH those awful INTOLERANT Americans burning our Koran!  I think it's great that they are finally getting a taste of their OWN medicine!!!!
They are vile, disgusting, lying, radical, bloody, demon-possessed, hypocritical, bigoted, hate-filled, war-mongering, intolerant, murderous killers, every last one of them!!!!