Rene (30 Apr 2011)
"Holy Papa's Holy Blood"

Holy blood, holy crucifixes, holy grail, holy statues, holy scapulars, holy relics, holy water, holy cats, holy rosaries, holy communion! What can we expect from a church that will be taken over by a spotted leopard (holy cat) and considers everything they touch with their holy water, sacred? Putting a vial (vile) of Paul II's blood on display? This church is run by hooded  priests pretending to be holy while they carried on international acts of barbarism (pedophiles) against young children for years. None of this surprises me!  They keep holy relics on hand that they claim are from bygone saints so they can promote the worship of inanimate objects!  God warns people to come out of her! That's HIS advice. Good advice that most people won't heed! They simply just cannot bring themselves to believe that their HOLY FATHER could be more corrupt that the devil himself! Just ask any "good" practicing Cat-holic. They will tell you that they LOVE their Catholic faith and won't give it up for anything and they won't! They'd rather cling to their rosaries and scapulars and dead saints and go to hell with them rather than believing the WORD OF GOD where such practices are an abomination! They'd rather put their faith in the Queen of Heaven (as described in Isaiah) than in the Lamb of God!  Most of them you simply cannot talk any sense into to. They are blind as bats and won't give up their idols!