Rene (30 Apr 2011)
"re: Kathy S - Vision of Heaven & Hell"

I didn't have to go far on this sight before I realized this whole thing is false. For one thing - this girl was asked if ROME is the city built on 7 hills and she says definitely no, and lists other cities in the world built on 7 hills. There is only ONE BIG problem with this!  This Mother of Harlots that the Bible speaks of in Rev Chap 17 does not just involve the city built on 7 hills. She is decked with gold and pearls, she is dressed in PURPLE and SCARLET and she is guilty of the blood of the martyrs of Jesus! What OTHER city do you know where the inhabitants dress in purple and scarlet in their pious processions of cardinals, bishops and popes? What other city has the wealth of the world under her feet (in the vaults of the Vatican, priceless art treasures are hidden and stored)! Many of these treasures were looted  by Hitler during the war. Many were outright stolen from Jews who were sent to death camps! What other city has slaughtered and murdered MILLIONS (YES MILLIONS!) of Christians during the infamous Inquisition of the Dark Ages? (Why do you think it was called the DARK AGES? Because ROME was ruling the world!) What would you do if this was YOUR CHURCH? Well, duh - disguise it, of course AND deny it AND try to cover it up!